• Structure Finance offers innovative financial products with a simplified user experience.
  • Our products are suitable for both novice traders and seasoned market experts.
WHY Structure Finance
Unique Payoffs
Our structured financial products introduce an array of unique payoffs that are not typically available through conventional financial instruments. These payoffs empower the articulation of market viewpoints and innovative risk management tactics.
Multiple Avenues of Earning
Structure Finance presents a diverse array of financial possibilities by blending interest rate items, derivatives, and predictive proficiency. Individuals have the flexibility to choose from various alternatives according to their preferences. Obtain an instant 2X BUSD payout with DNT, gain 3X % based on market volatility with LST, and enjoy a APY % with PDM.
Time Management
Structured financial products cover a broad range of timeframes. Double your money in 5 minutes with DNT, earn profits in two days with LST, or fine-tune your preferences with PDM.
Advance Your Trading Knowledge
Tap into your potential with Structure.Finance by learning more about the crypto market and market analysis. Select the ideal approach to amplify your earnings as you embark on your crypto market journey. Our adaptable products are tailored for all market scenarios, whether bull or bear. Say goodbye to boring crypto trading as you leverage our innovative products.
About Structure Finance

Structure Finance is a financial trading platform built on Ethereum (ETH) and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with Layer-2 Scaling. We chose ETH and BSC for their compatibility with other DeFi protocols. Layer-2 protocols provide improved security and faster, more efficient transactions, for a better user trading experience.

Structure is a decentralized financial (De-Fi) platform. Unlike traditional financial applications, our De-Fi protocols are permissionless and open-source. Structure Finance supports major DeFi protocols for user-created applications.

Structure Finance offers structured products like DNT, LST and PDM, to give DeFi traders more user-friendly options.

Basic Financial Instrument
Structured Product
Accessing to External Data

Structure Finance plans to incorporate a Decentralized Oracle system for its operations.

Initially, we will collaborate with decentralized Oracle service providers to source the external price data needed for their structured products.

As the substrate ecosystem evolves, we intend to transition to an off-chain worker's module to fetch external data.

Structure aims to expand its compatibility by supporting various DeFi protocols, enabling us to directly obtain price data from platforms like Uniswap.





Decentralized Oracle

Initially, Structure will integrate with decentralized oracle service providers to get external price data for the structured products.

Offchain Workers

As Substrate ecosystem is more mature, Structure will use offchain workers module for obtaining external data.

Other Protocols

Structure will also support other DeFi protocols and receive price data directly from those platforms such as Uniswap.

Our Products
Platform Currency

Earn 2X during periods of low market volatility when BTC stays within a designated price range for a period of 5 minutes

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User Incentives

Future trading concept: Earn 3X(%) during market volatility, without liquidation or stops-loss

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Gain returns on assets

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Introducing Our STF Token
STF Max Supply: 100,000,000
STF is Structure Finance’s official token, launched in June, 2021. STF is listed on Huobi and Ascendex, with its own daily trading volume and unique history.
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STF Token Economics

User Incentives

To encourage users to deposit assets and incentivize a positive feedback loop, there will be token incentives paid out in STF. It is important for the platform to have initial liquidity to enable the option products to have accurate pricing and optimum profitability.

Platform Currency

Platform Currency

STF is the default currency for the STRUCTURE platform. Users can use STF to pay for transaction fees and also to purchase option products. Transaction fees will be collected into a reserve fund, and the use of this fund will be decided upon via decentralized governance.

User Incentives


STF will function as a governance token for the STRUCTURE platform. STF holders will collectively propose and vote on which assets to support, which protocols to integrate, fee ratios, use of reserve funds, and more.

Structure Finance Roadmap

Q3 2021

  • Token creation and coordination with exchange listings team
  • STF Token launch on Huobi and Ascendex exchanges
  • Double No Touch product development

Q4 2021

Testing and launch of early version of Double No Touch

Q1 2022

  • Volatility Income Pool product design and development
  • Internal testing conducted to evaluate product performance

Q2 2022

  • Long/Short token (LST) product development
  • Market analysis and testing of LST to ensure product functionality meets user expectations

Q3 2022

  • Development begins on Protected DEX market product
  • LST product improvements to meet market requirements

Q4 2022

  • Protected DEX market product development
  • Work continues on LST product

Q1 2023

  • In-depth market analysis to evaluate market trends, user preferences, and competition, to improve product development
  • Internal testing of new products
  • Next phase of development begins

Q2 2023

  • Work begins on new enhanced version of DNT product
  • Future product lineup revealed, including DNT, LST, and PDM. Communications and intermediate demonstrations of new products to clients and stakeholders

Q3 2023

  • Completion of development and testing of DNT enhanced version
  • New version of DNT launched
  • Gathering product feedback from clients and making necessary changes

Q4 2023

  • Launch of Structure Finance LST product
  • Expansion of partnerships with other cryptocurrency exchanges

Q1 2024

  • Launch of Protected DEX market making product
  • Collaboration with potential clients/partners to pilot PDM and gather feedback prior to official launch