Decentralized blockchain-based platform for structured financial products

Our Products

Platform Currency

No Touch (DNT)

1 DNT pays 200.00 USDT if BTC price stays between two barriers for a short period of time

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User Incentives

Income Pools (VIPs)

Earn profit from market volatility or lack of it

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Understanding Structured Financial Products

Structured financial products offer users a variety of payoffs that are not accessible via regular financial instruments. These payoffs allow to express market views or manage risk in new ways

Structured financial products offer a simplified user experience for retail investors

By packaging interest rate products together with derivatives, a wide variety of financial products can be offered for users to choose from based on their preferences and goals

Basic Financial Instrument


Structured Product


What is Structure?

Built on Ethereum and BSC with Layer 2 Scaling

Structure chose ETH and BSC for compatibility with other DeFi protocols. It also chose layer 2 protocols to provide better user experience for trading.

Palette for Users to Create Structured Products

The beauty of DeFi applications as compared to traditional finance is that all the protocols are permissionless and open source. Structure will support major DeFi protocols for user created applications.

More Product Options for DeFi Users

Structure offers structured products like double no-touch options and straddle options to give DeFi traders more options.